Cullman man accused of turning 1 dollar bills into 20's

The Cullman man was arrested for producing counterfeit money with real bills.

Last week Cullman officers arrested Mark Anthony Nix on a slew of charges.

"As of late it's been a very high number of the counterfeit bills passing local businesses," said Sergeant Chris Thomason.

Nix was arrested on charges of 1st degree forgery , first degree criminal possession of a forged instrument, criminal possession of a forged device, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sergeant Thomason says he and his team followed leads to a home on Eva Road in Cullman.

"While at the residence we were able to gain consent to search of the residence," said Sergeant Thomason.

While inside Nix's home, they found a score of funny moneymaking gear.

The method is simple but there's a sophisticated twist.

They use real cash.

"For the store business owners and things, if they use a marker on it they're going to be real currency; so if they use a marker test it will not work," said Sergeant Thomason.

This means the counterfeit bills will pass for real money.

Nix used a three step process to make his new cash:

It starts with a household chemical to remove the bills ink.

Next to the drying line or rack where bills are prepped for printing.

"They will use those one's and they'll reprint the faces to fives, tens and twenties and they do it in lower denominations a lot of times that way they are less scrutinized than one hundred dollar bills," said Sergeant Thomason.

What does this means for Cullman area business owners?

"They're essentially losing their time, money." said Thomason; he went on to say "business's is getting sometimes 2,3,4 bills a day you know they could be hit for a hundred dollars, several hundred dollars depending on the denominations."

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