How safe is your hospital? Check out newly released hospital safety grades

    New hospital safety grades released

    New Hospital safety grades are out and Alabama Hospitals received a range of grades from A's to D's. Leapfrog Released the grades. You can check them all out here.

    Leapfrog looks at measure like infections during a hospital stay, problems during surgeries, the number of qualified nurses, and training programs to improve safety.

    "You want to know what to expect before you go," said Alonzo Williams. That's how Leapfrog wants you to use their hospital safety grades.

    UAB Hospital just received an "A" grade. That's up from last year's "B" and the "C" they received before that. UAB's Chief Medical Officer attributes the hospital's high grade to their "commitment to world class patient care and robust process improvement."

    But while UAB's grade is going up, Princeton Baptist Medical Center's grade is going down. Leapfrog just gave them a "C." Last year they received a "B" and in 2014 and 2013 they received an "A" grade. The Chief Physician Executive with Brookwood Baptist Health believes their grade will go back up saying, "we have ongoing initiatives around patient safety."

    A "D" is the worst grade in the Birmingham area, given to Medical West in Bessemer. Tiffany Wade takes her daughters there and said, "with a D? i don't want to take my kids to something like that.. Nothing's going to be perfect in life but I'd rather it be better than a D."

    "D" is the same grade the hospital received last year. "Their nurses need to improve," said Wade.

    In a statement Medical West said the American Hospital Association has called into question Leapfrog's data collection methodology and, "there are other resources that include more timely data which reflect favorably on Medical West."

    You can read the full statements from these hospitals below.

    UAB's response:

    "UAB is consistently recognized by ranking services for results derived from our commitment to world class patient care and robust process improvement, and our quality indicators and patient safety data have continued to place UAB among top providers. Process improvement drives our decades-long membership in the CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network, helping us stay at the forefront of medicine and up-to-date on the latest procedures, equipment, research trials and medicines."-UAB Chief Medical Officer Loring Rue, MD

    Princeton Baptist Medical Center's Response"

    "We are focused on continually improving care delivery and patient satisfaction. Nothing is more important to us than offering our patients trusted care in a safe environment, and we take our responsibility to provide the safest possible environment for our patients very seriously. We have ongoing initiatives around patient safety including a yearly assessment of our patient safety climate, expanded educational opportunities at all levels of the organization, along with a number of other best practices. We believe our continued focus in these areas will be reflected positively in future grade releases." -Dr. Mark Williams, Chief Physician Executive, with Brookwood Baptist Health

    Medical West's Response:

    "Medical West is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare services to our community. Patients have many resources and options to inform themselves when making health care decisions, and Leapfrog is one of them. The American Hospital Association and others have called into question their data collection methodology, as data used for some of the metrics is very dated, going back as far as 2013. There are other resources that include more timely data which reflect favorably on Medical West. We have performed well in many areas and continue to aggressively implement programs to improve these measures. The public will see the results of our ongoing improvements in future survey results.”

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