Slain Birmingham high school senior saved a seat at graduation


Birmingham's Huffman High School senior class graduated without one of their classmates who should have been there.

Courtlin Arrington, was shot and killed inside the high school in March. A 17-year old student is charged with manslaughter and out on bond in connection to her death.

The students and faculty knew this would be a difficult time. It's a day that should bring joy and laughter. While there was plenty of that, there was also a sadness throughout the graduating class, who were remembering the their classmate whose future was cut short by a bullet.

A noticeably empty seat, decorated with accomplishments set for their classmate Courtlin Arrington.

"It's just sad because I know today she was supposed to be with us. She was a very good person. It's just sad," said Jazmine Simpson.

Arrington was in the nursing program and was excited about her future career.

"Courtlin [had] been waiting on this day for so, so long. So long, it's hard," said Tynesha Tatum.

Her classmates say Arrington will never be forgotten.

Birmingham City schools officials worked to find a balance to support the students. Trying to allow them to feel the joy of graduation while acknowledging their pain. Mayor Randall Woodfin attended in support of the graduating class.

Courtlin's mother told ABC 33/40's Amber Grigley about how hard this day was very hard for her. She says Courtlin did not have the chance to get the recognition she deserved for her hard work in school.

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