In carjackings, a split-second decision can be life changing police say

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    It was a moment no person would want to face: Your car being taken away at gun point. Police say how you react could be the difference between life and death.

    On Tuesday, a woman was dragged as she tried to wrestle control of her car away from a carjacker. The suspect was later arrested and the woman wasn't hurt. Homewood Police Sgt. John Carr still said it is an example of what not to do.

    "We call it fight or flight. When you're under a stressful situation like that some people flee, some people choose to fight. You know it's a natural instinct but we try to advise people not to do it."

    48 hours later the driver of a red corvette made a different choice. The carjacker drove off in her sports car and a chase across Birmingham began. The 17-year-old suspect crashed the car after causing three other crashes during the chase police said.

    "She didn't resist. She didn't try to put up a fight. She just tried to get away and that's the best thing to do."

    Those who spoke on camera with ABC 33/40 News agreed with police's advice.

    "I can get another car. I only got one life. One life. You can''s not worth it," said lifelong Birmingham resident Walter Collins.

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