Inland counties along Florida panhandle work to rebuild from Hurricane Michael

Rubble remains were it fell along Marianna's town square. Much of Jackson County suffered wind damage when Huricane Michael made landfall to the south. (Stephen Quinn |

The continuous work to rebuild from Hurricane Michael highlighted the struggles which already faced some of the Florida panhandle's rural counties.

In Jackson County, residents of the small town of Greenwood said power was only restored at the beginning of this month. Debris still lines the sides of State Highway 71 which runs through the heart of the town.

Earl Smith said he never considered evacuating his home. It is more than 60 miles from the Gulf Coast.

“Well there are times during it I wondered but I was kind going on past history which is they do dissipate pretty quick once they get over land....I wasn’t expecting what came.”

In the county seat of Marianna, a brick building lies in rubble along the town square after it collapsed from the force of Michael's wind.

“We lost about half our businesses in the county and we’re trying to recuperate and find out what direction we need to go in," said Coba Beasley, Director of Chipola Family Ministries.

Beasley spent the week handing out 300 turkeys donated through Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief.

“This is one of the poorer counties and we’re going to need a lot of supplies and things for the area," said Beasley. 22.6% of county residents live below the poverty line according to U.S. Census data.

Marianna has become the staging ground for one of the panhandle's most sought after supplies - FEMA trailers. The trailers were flown in to the town's municipal

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