Irondale considering occupational tax to remedy budget


In late January, Sam's Club left Irondale. Now, the building sits empty as weeds sprout from its parking lot. As a result, roughly $1.4 million a year in revenue left the city.

Going into 2018, Mayor Charles Moore said the city had a budget shortfall of roughly $700,000. Moore said the city has cut expenditures as much as they can without cutting vital departments and resources for the city. In an effort to remedy the $1.7 million budget deficit, council is proposing a 1% occupational tax increase for those who work in Irondale.

"I do not like the idea of taxation or additional taxation, but it is a necessary evil at times," Mayor Moore said. "I do not think anyone likes an occupational tax on the face of it, but I think when we see the benefit of what that would bring in all of us sharing a little bit. It will affect all the folks that work here at city hall. It will affect the mayor's office. It will affect the city councilors that work here. None of us really relish the idea of implementing an additional tax, but we also see the importance of having the revenue to provide those services."

Moore added that if the tax is passed, it would go towards the budget and any surplus would go towards improvements in infrastructure, parks and more. He went on to say that if things improve in the city economically, the potential tax could be reduced or eliminated.

The city proposed a six mil property tax increase, but it failed by 90 votes in April.

A council meeting is set for May 29 to discuss the tax, where there will be a public hearing.

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