Is it enough? Alabama reactions to Trump immigration executive order

President Trump says executive order will keep undocumented migrant families together

President Trump has signed an executive order he says will no longer separate families crossing the U.S. border illegally. So, what does it mean for immigration and how will it impact those families already detained? In a nutshell, the order essentially makes changes to the Zero Tolerance policy, which is still in place. The policy allows for criminal prosecution of adults, but the new order means kids don't have be detained with strangers while mom and dad go to jail.

Right now, there are nearly 12-thousand migrant children under U.S. care. While Health and Human Services says it will work to immediately reunite separated families, there is no specific plan announced.

Today, Senator Richard Shelby says he believes the President made the right move this afternoon in signing the executive order.

"We do believe we ought to enforce our borders. We ought to have a meaningful, strong immigration policy," says Sen. Shelby. "But, to make pawns out of the child I think is a mistake, and the President is on the right track."

Right now, the White House is calling on Congress to act on immigration laws.

While Senator Shelby applauds the President's decision, others in Alabama, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, says it's not enough. They would like to see the administration get rid of detention facilities, which they say, still treats whole families like criminals.

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin weighed in on the move via social media today, saying "Even the highest elected official in our country is forced to listen when the people are loud enough. Thank you to everyone who has been fighting to hashtag keep families together. I stand with you."

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