Is love in the air this Valentine's Day? Maybe not, says florist

Helium reserves are lower around the world, impeding balloon order across the nation.

Valentine's Day floats into our lives every mid-February.

It's usually filled with roses, chocolate and balloons for that special someone.

One day you may have to leave balloons off your order. That's because Helium reserves are lower around the world. We've heard this in years past and it's something some business owners are tracking.

Patrick Thomas talked with a florist about what that could mean for the future.

It always blows up calendars. Lisa Smith says the phone starts ringing a little sooner in the month as the big love affair approaches.

"Whether it's for their momma, their daughter, everybody does Valentines," says Smith.

It's something everyone expects when the season rolls around. As she grabs a vase of flowers to bring to the front of her store, she tells a customer, "I got you honey."

Smith is living proof.

"This is the Super Bowl of the floral season," Smith says.

She explains her floral shop, Sarah's Flowers, is more than a little time-consuming. "It owns me," she laughs. "I don't own the shop. It owns me."

She knows her business is more than just the flowers. She says, "We deliver smiles, because every time someone gets flowers they are smiling."

According to Smith, "balloons are not as popular as they used to be."

She says it's what customers ask for the least.

"A fourth of the orders have a balloon with them," says Smith.

She says demand is low now, like availability in the past.

"We had a crisis a few years ago where we couldn't even get Helium," says Smith.

But shortages have been common throughout recent American history, including at the Macy's Day Parade.

"It's a nice little add on sale for now. We will find something to replace it if it runs out," says Smith.

While the United States is the biggest supplier, researchers have located places in Africa and the Middle East as potential mining sites.

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