Is THC in your CBD oil? You could be getting high without knowing it, DA says


Many companies claim CBD oil has no THC. Some of these companies are among those whom the FDA says have made unsubstantiated claims.

They market it to local vendors like one Hoover tobacco shop ABC 33/40 spoke with.

They told ABC 33/40 their products include things like CBD suckers and gummies, which are all reportedly THC-free.

According to Alan Miller, Chief Assistant District Attorney for Shelby County, that might not be true.

"It is impossible to completely separate THC and CBD, which is the mind-altering substance of marijuana," said Miller.

So if it doesn't have THC in it, what did you take?

"Probably not CBD oil; who knows what it is?" said Miller.

Miller says if it is CBD oil, and it's sold, it falls under the same legal category as marijuana.

"If what he is selling contains THC then he will be charged for unlawful distribution of a controlled substance," said Miller.

There's no real way of knowing if the product contains THC, other than through a lab test.

"What is most troubling to me about this is the fact that you have these completely unregulated products that may contain mind-altering or even dangerous substances that are marketed as candy," said Miller.

You read that right, candy.

And Miller says states like Colorado have seen problems because of high THC levels in the candy.

"[There's been] an increase in the number of hospitalizations for small children having psychotic episodes because they've gotten their hands on some of this candy," said Miller.

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