Is the future now? 5G tech slated for 2019


    Is the future now? If 5G technology does what experts say it will, prepare to be wowed.

    ABC 33/40 looked into the possibilities of the new internet and how your life is about to change.

    “5g connectivity could bring 3-D and virtual reality surgery to hospitals,” Stephen Upton said.

    Upton is the CEO of Tailwinds Technologies and says this will be uncharted territory.

    Hoover City Council member Mike Shaw says companies are already staking their claim around Hoover.

    “We had to pass a new ordinance to allow these towers in Hoover. We just recently did that a few months ago, so we’re already seeing the applications to place these towers here,” said Shaw.

    So far there have been eight applications, two of which have been accepted.

    If you don’t quite understand what 5G is, Upton will fill you in.

    “So 5G actually runs on a higher bandwidth that allows a lot more data transfer between the Tower and yourself. One of the drawbacks of the higher bandwidth is, it can’t go quite as far. So they’re gonna have to have more of these mini-towers...or micro-towers spread throughout cities,” said Upton.

    He says 5G is said to be so efficient, it will finally allow self driving cars to run without major issues.

    “That’s one of the big issues with self driving cars is they’re not talking to each other, so 5G is going to give them a more robust platform to allow different types of self driven cars to talk to me each other and drive on the road safely,” said Upton.

    At home, it means you might not need to be hardwired, the speed of 5G is comparable to fiber cable.

    And best of all, Upton says it will be affordable. The question is, what will we do with this power?

    “The possibilities are endless. It’s just, what do companies decide to use it for and I think what we’re going to see over the next few years is going to be quite surprising,” said Upton.

    5G is slated to come out sometime next year.

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