'It's disrespectful to our city:' Morris police search for stolen city sign

$500 reward for stolen city sign

Right now, police are investigating a bizarre crime in a quiet Jefferson County town. Sometime between 7 p.m. Monday and 7 p.m. Tuesday, the city's 'Welcome to Morris' sign along Highway 31 south disappeared. There are currently no leads on who may have taken the sign, or why they wanted it, but police say they put in a lot of work to get it.

Detective Bryant McDonald says the signs were specially made from heavy plastics and metals, and the suspects had to use wrenches to take out the bolts that attached the sign to the posts. Police believe there were multiple people involved in the theft, and say they had to use a pickup truck to haul the sign away.

"It costs $5,000 to put that sign up and for a small town, that’s a lot of money," says Det. McDonald. "And its our welcome...welcome to Morris. "We don’t have a lot of crime, and it’s very disrespectful to the city to come out there and do something like that."

The town's beautification board says it took years to raise the money to pay for the signs. They also had to get approval from ALDOT to have the signs installed. The board is now offering a $500 dollar reward for the sign's return. Meanwhile, the suspect could face two felony charges for taking it. Contact Morris police at 205-647-0596 with any information.

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