Jeff Sessions: Do the right thing everyday and usually things work out, but not always

    FILE - In this July 13, 2018 photo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks in Portland, Maine. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

    For the first time since former United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions returned home to Alabama after being fired, he gave ABC 33/40 an exclusive interview.

    We talked with Sessions after Monday's inaugural activities in Montgomery. He agreed to the interview, however, he also limited what topics could be asked about.

    During a speech at Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall’s inaugural reception, Sessions sparked laughter through his audience.

    “Do the right thing every day and usually things will work out- but not always,” he said. “Usually they work out. I told someone at least in the United States, they fire you, they don’t shoot you.”

    Sessions limited his one-on-one interview with ABC 33/40 to only questions about the attorney general’s office in Montgomery, as we were at an event honoring Steve Marshall.

    Sessions said the office has changed since he was Alabama Attorney General, more than 20 years ago.

    “I thought it had probably grown more in numbers, but we dropped down because of a budget crisis when I became attorney general, a lot,” he said. “And they’re still lower than they were when I became Attorney General.”

    Sessions praised Marshall and his team for the work they are doing, saying he has complete confidence in the office.

    He also offered insight on America’s legal system, based on his most recent service.

    “I don’t have words to express how grateful we should be about it and how we should work to protect it,” he said. “If we maintain the word of law where power and politics and special influence don’t control what objectivity and fairness is the rule, this country will remain strong. If we let that get away from us, it will be a monumental reduction in our greatness of America.”

    Sessions has not said whether he plans to seek another political office in 2020, including his former Senate seat now held by Democrat Doug Jones.

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