JSU forensics department gets grant for equipment

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The state just gave the JSU Center for Applied Forensics $34,000 for new equipment to process crime scene evidence.

Specifically, the money will be used to upgrade cameras and laptop computers used out on crime scenes.

Heflin Police Chief AJ Benefield told ABC 33/40 an upgrade for the Center helps everyone.

If the situation warrants, the chief will call them for assistance.

"Most of the time when there's a fatality, that's kind of our criteria," Benefield said. "If it's questionable, if it's a suicide or something like that we don't notify them."

According to Benefield, Forensics is always quick to come provide their services and has done so several times for his and other agencies.

"He was able to tell us the gun was fired from this angle , the bullet went this direction and I remember the last time them coming out that was the case, he said.

The chief and investigators agree that the Forensics Department is a great help, so any upgrades they receive will benefit everyone.

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