Judge sets trial involving fire victims of Birmingham Building Trades Towers

    ABC 33/40 looks into the situation involving Building Trades Towers one year after a fire forced out more than 100 renters.

    Wednesday will mark one year since a fire forced nearly 100 people out of Building Trades Towers on Birmingham's southside. Tenants, mostly over the age of 55, escaped with just the clothes on their backs. Since that day, no one has been allowed inside the 12-story building to retrieve belongings.

    October 26, 2015 was a life-altering day for tenants in Building Trades Towers. They had no choice, but to leave behind everything in their apartments. Since then, their lives have been turned upside-down and most are staying in places scattered around Birmingham.

    "I mean we still have some that are living in hotels. We have some that are staying with family. A good deal of them have moved on, found an apartment and are happy where they are now. But, haven't gotten their property back," Attorney Lindsay Nadeu with the Frank Buck Law Firm.

    Nadeau is working with more than 100 clients wanting to get back their personal property.

    "A lot of them have photographs of their parents who are deceased or things like that. There are several people who have urns in the apartment," added Nadeau.

    The fire victims expected, months ago, the building's owner to let them collect their belongings. It never happened.

    ABC 33/40 has learned the owner is no longer in charge. A judge put a neutral third-party in charge.

    "It's 100% better dealing with a receiver rather than having to deal with the owner," added Nadeau.

    For now, the people forced out of the apartments continue to wait and hope to get back a little of what was lost.

    Nadeau told ABC 33/40 a trial regarding the fire at Building Trades Towers is scheduled for July 2017.

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