'A suspect from the very beginning:' Kat West’s husband charged with her murder

The husband of Kat West was arrested Thursday morning inside his Calera home on a murder warrant. (Stephen Quinn | abc3340.com)

Court records made public on Friday show Kathleen West was killed by a bottle of Lucid Absinthe. Calera Police had said on Thursday the Calera mother was killed by blunt force trauma.

The husband of Kathleen West was arrested Thursday morning inside their Calera home and charged with her murder. The arrest ends the investigation of a case which had garnered national attention and created much speculation in the town of Calera and for its police department.

Jeff West was led peacefully in handcuffs to the Calera Police Department around 8:30 a.m. for 45 minutes of questioning. He was then put into a police unit to be transported to jail. West did not confess to the crime during questioning said Calera Police Chief Sean Lemley.

"In the times I've seen him he didn't appear upset."

West was charged with murder and taken to the Shelby County Jail where he was held on a $500,000 bond. The charges come after the Calera Police Department received the results of forensic testing of the scene on Tuesday. By Wednesday evening an arrest warrant had been signed. The police chief said the DEA and FBI helped in the investigation to gather phone records and other potential evidence.

Authorities said West's wife died from blunt force trauma. Court records released Friday show Kat West was killed by a bottle of Lucid Absinthe.

Her death was characterized as a domestic incident by police.

Jeff West's parents believe Calera Police have arrested the wrong man and that Kat West's parents agree with them.

"Pissed off because I know they screwed it up and they're trying to blame somebody and they told (him) it was circumstantial evidence and they say they got proof. They don't know what they've got," said Jeff West's father, William West

West’s arrest comes more than a month after his 42-year-old wife was found dead outside their Calera home. Kat West was a mother and model who went by the name "Kitty Kat West" on Instagram and Twitter. Her social media pages linked to a subscription-only adult website. Lemley said Wednesday it appeared her husband was aware of her online carrer. Her death and the investigation which followed gained national attention and speculation.

William West admits he was unaware of his daughter-in-law's life online but said his son was.

"She wasn't fooling around on anybody else. This was just a photo thing and there's a lot of freaks out there that get into that stuff."

West's family, including her husband stayed out of the public eye since her death. Requests for interviews were not returned.

Calera Mayor Jon Graham hinted on February 9th that an announcement in the investigation could come soon, “We’re close.”

Graham and Police Chief Sean Lemley released virtually no information to the public during the investigation. Lemley said it is the highest profile case in the department's history.

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