Kidney transplant inspires Mt. Kilimanjaro hike

Greg Hasbury (far right) received a kidney from Bob Kuykendall (far left) in 2012. The kidney transplant inspired a hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kuykendall's son Cade (middle) will join the hike set for June 2017.

Two men are hiking Mount Kilimanjaro because of a kidney transplant.

In 2012, Greg Hasbury had severe kidney failure. Without Hasbury knowing, longtime friend Bob Kuykendall tested himself to see if he would be a match and he was.

Kuykendall says he took a leap of faith when he chose to donate a kidney to Hasbury. Shortly after the surgery, the two decided to turn Hasbury's climb back to health into a literal climbing expedition.

Hasbury and Kuykendall both said it's about how a simple organ donation can transform a life for the better and give hope. Hasbury said, "The greater message is that just because you have been through some rough circumstances doesn't mean that life is over. Not at all. And what better way to inspire people."

Kuykendall furthered Hasbury's point. Kuykendall said, "It's iconic of the struggles that, not just we went through, everybody's going through all the time. Trying to overcome whatever they are trying to overcome."

Kuykendall's son Cade will join the two men on the hike set for June 2017.

Alabama Outdoors and Planet Fitness is sponsoring the excursion.

Click the date of their trip for a link to donate to their fundraising efforts and search "Mountain".

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