Lake View community mourns teen who drowned in Ski Lake

The family and friends of a 14-year-old Madison Reed, are now mourning her untimely death after her body was found in Ski Lake Saturday night.

The family and friends of a missing teenager are now mourning her untimely death after her body was found in Ski Lake Saturday night.

14-year-old Madison Reed was a freshman at Brookwood High School. Those who knew her said she touched many. Now, they can't understand how a fun celebration at the lake turns into a day they will now remember for all the wrong reasons.

"It could've easily been me. We swim in this lake all the time. It could've been both of us," said Rose Gulsby.

Rose said she met Madison about three years ago.

"She was always nice to everyone," Gulsby said "she always gave everyone a chance. She never bullied anyone. She was just a really nice person in general."

Rose said she was walking past the lake yesterday when she saw Madison and a group of friends celebrating a birthday.

"It was a lot of laughing and having fun and stuff," said Gulsby.

But Rose did not stick around, not knowing it would be the last time she saw Madison.

"I was going to stay, but I couldn't. And that's what hurts because I feel like if I would've stayed I could've done something," said Rose.

Witnesses tell police, Madison was sitting on the front of the boat letting her feet play in the water while the boat was in motion. Madison suddenly fell off the boat and went under. Two people jumped in after her, but she was nowhere to be found.

"It hurts. I never got to say goodbye or anything. I'm just really upset," said Rose.

Rose said she understands the dangers of the water, but this is one tragedy she just can't understand.

"I just can't believe it happened to her," said Rose "out of everyone, it happened to her. I'm not saying anyone deserves it, but she definitely did not deserve it,"

In honor of 14-year-old Madison Reed, students are preparing a prayer circle at the courtyard at Brookwood High School at 7:30 Monday morning. Because Madison's favorite color is yellow, students will wear the color tomorrow in her memory.

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