Tragic wreck upends life of Alabama game warden and firefighter

    Kenneth Booth (Adrean Miller)

    After a terrible accident, a game warden and volunteer firefighter from Walker County is fighting to get back to the life he once knew.

    Kenneth Booth was riding his motorcycle early October when a dog ran out in front of him. He laid his bike down and was ejected over 90 feet.

    Booth's helmet cracked and so did part of his skull, sending him to the ICU at UAB Hospital.

    For hours his mother Adrean Miller waited, hoping to something positive from a doctor.

    “The doctors told us within 48 hours we would know if he would live, and by about hour 52 there had not been any change," said Miller.

    Eventually, Miller had to make a decision, when a doctor asked her this:

    “If you trust me I’m just going to take him off the ventilator," said Miller.

    She said yes, and moments later Booth was breathing on his own. Now Booth is recovering, and the pair has a long road ahead.

    Miller has a heart surgery scheduled in mid-November and Booth, her only family member, won't be able to help her in the way she needs.

    The family isn't asking for anything from the public at this point, just as many prayers as people can spare.

    However, friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe account, and a couple of other fundraisers, one is a ride for Booth, the other a cookout.

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