Lightning strike sparks fire that destroys Springville home's upstairs, attic

A lightning strike caused a fire at a Springville home on Tuesday.

According to the Springville Fire Chief, on Tuesday, September 19th, a lightning strike sparked a fire in a residence that destroyed the home's upstairs and attic.

The chief says the fire started around 3 p.m. while the homeowner, Mike McKenzie, was at work. McKenzie's wife was out of town at the time of the fire.

Road workers who observed the fire reported it to authorities.

Fire crews from Springville, Argo, Odenville, Davis Lake, Pleasant View, Pine Mountain, and Holly Springs Fire Departments responded to the scene. It took the crews about 30 minutes to extinguish the fire.

Fire crews were able to safely evacuate a few cats who were at the home after the fire started.

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