Listeria concerns lead vegetable supplier to issue voluntary recall nationwide

The FDA is warning the public about multiple vegetable products from Mann Packing possibly containing Listeria.

The veggies in your fridge might be putting you in danger of illness. The FDA is warning the public about multiple vegetable products from Mann Packing that may possibly contain Listeria.

In response to concerns over Listeria, Mann Packing has issued a voluntary recall of its products from several supermarkets.

Local supermarkets such as Aldi, Target and Wal-Mart are pulling some Mann Packing vegetable products out of stores.

UAB's Dr. Bernard Camins says shouldn't make you sick or kill you.

Dr. Camins told ABC 33/40, "It's probably a good idea to make sure they are washed to get rid of the debris."

It's a simple task you might forget: washing your hands thoroughly with soap matters before touching any produce.

While it seems obvious, Dr. Camins shares a good point, "You actually don't need to worry about it that much, unless you touch the food contaminated with Listeria - and didn't wash your hands in between - then touch the other food," said Dr. Camins.

Dr. Camins says doing this spreads it faster.

Cooking, however, kills the bacteria. Refrigerating produce or pre-washed items below forty degrees can prevent Listeria.

ABC 33/40 asked people if they would avoid all products from a company if it had sold any with foodborne illnesses.

One woman who plans to avoid the brand said, "Why would I? Because I don't wanna die."

Monica Palma says she wouldn't continue to purchase from the company, because she could never be sure that their products were uncontaminated.

Most people never take legal action against a manufacturer or company. Palma said the reason is most likely human nature.

"Probably because they don't think that they can accomplish anything from it, since it is big manufacturer and it is just one person," explained Palma.

This is a precaution for stores in the United States and Canada. No illnesses have been reported so far.

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