'Live:' Movie crew's 2 biggest days of stunts shuts down sections of downtown Birmingham


Friday was an action-packed day on the movie set of Live, starring Arron Eckhart.

The production closed four blocks in downtown Birmingham for the day filled with stunts, flying cars and smoke.

“Today we’re filming the scene where our bad guy finds where Aaron and Eva are, and tries to stop them from getting the girl,” explained Myles Nestel, the movie’s lead producer.

Myles explains the movie is about a cop and online journalist, who partner to try to save the police commissioner's daughter.

“Today’s our biggest day, one of the biggest days for stunts,” Nestel said. “We shut down I think four blocks here in Birmingham and we’re going to be flying cars and smashing police vehicles and a lot of gun play and people- I hope they don’t get annoyed by the noise.”

Live is one of seventeen projects so far this year utilizing the Alabama’s film tax credit.

Nestel explains why Birmingham is increasingly attractive for movie producers.

“Alabama has a great tax credit for film which is one of the reasons we came in- also Birmingham has been so welcoming to us,” Nestel said. “We love the locations you guys have, the fact that the city is so gracious in letting us shut down streets, the fact that they’re letting us do whatever we need to do to get the movie made.”

Nestle says he'll be back for more projects.

That’s an announcement that is exciting to some local business owners, including Andy Forstall's family. They own an art store downtown, close to where movies are filming.

Multiple movie crews have bought props from the store.

“Get really random stuff as props, it’s like we need a notebook here you go, it’s fun making sure they have the right things,” explained Forstall.

Each day, the movie is posting which streets it must close for production. You can find those closures on, before hitting the road.

“It’s caused a little bit of traffic problems but I think people are figuring out their way alright,” said Forstall. “…I think it’s pretty exciting. it’s pretty awesome and people are seeing our city all around the world possibly which is pretty awesome for Birmingham to get that publicity.”

Alabama's film tax incentive program really got going in 2011, after the legislature approved a bill in 2009.

The state’s film industry has continued growing since the incentives were introduced.

Each year, Alabama allocates $20 million dollars to attract movies, commercials and documentaries.

The production must spend half a million dollars to be eligible. The productions approved can be reimbursed for 25 percent of their qualified expenditures. They can also receive 35 percent reimbursements for salaries of local workers.

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