Couple creates app to make finding a babysitter easier

    The Wyndy app will help you find and book a babysitter (WBMA)

    All parents face the challenges of finding a good babysitter. With two young daughters Ginger and Tommy Mayfield know the struggle. "It seemed like I was sending hundreds of text messages just to get a sitter on a Saturday night," says Ginger.

    The couple wanted an easier way so they created the app "Wyndy." Ginger says, "Wyndy is a nod to Wendy Darling the charcter in Peter Pan who goes to Neverland to take care of the lost boys."

    The app features college student sitters who go through background checks. It simplifies the act of picking a sitter, as the process of contacting them is automated. You can post to a job board or you can create a list of your preferred sitters and send a message to those on your list.

    When browsing through babysitters you can set filters like college major and experience. You can also get recommendations from neighbors and friends. "You can also connect with other parents to see the Wyndy's they've used, how many times they've used them and the ratings they've given to them," says Ginger.

    The app helps parents find babysitters but it also helps college students find jobs. Tommy says, "We feel in the coming years both parents and college babysitters are going to abandon the current methods of finding and booking babysitting jobs and turn to technology to help and we're trying to build Wyndy to be that technology."

    Right now the Wyndy app is available to families in the Birmingham area and students at UAB, Birmingham Southern, and Samford. The Mayfields hope to exapand it across the Southeast.

    You can find the app in the app store or on Google Play. It is free to download and browse but there's a small service fee when you use it to book and pay a babysitter.

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