Trussville students back in US amid protests in Haiti, return to Alabama on Tuesday

Trussville mission team (Submitted to WBMA)

Update: The Trussville teens who were stranded in Haiti are scheduled to land back in the U.S. around 8 P.M. local time in Fort Lauderdale.

A local group of young missionaries are headed back to Alabama after civil unrest froze them in Haiti over the weekend.

The Springville campus pastor of the Faith Community Fellowship Church confirms their flight landed in Florida earlier Monday evening.

Pastor Mike Ennis says while these young middle and high-schoolers were doing God's work in Haiti, God did his work to get them out of there.

Massive protests essentially shut down all flight options out of the country by the U.S. Embassy in Haiti for the safety of Americans.

The group was supposed to come home on Saturday, July 7th, after spending more than a week in the country but skyrocketing fuel prices set off enormous rioting throughout Haiti.

The mass amount of strife forced the group to stay.

After more than 48 hours of uncertainty, Pastor Ennis says the group flew out of Port-Au-Prince Monday afternoon on the private airline IBC Airways.

Pastor Ennis told ABC 33/40, "The world is a tough place and one of the things that we have helped our kids see in this whole process, this journey that they have been on is that life, you don't always control. You can't always manage things that happen in life. They have done a great job of loving on kids (and) bringing hope to a desperate situation. We get to come home There are hundreds and thousands of kids in Haiti that are suffering every single day. While we are glad to get our kids home our hearts continue to break for the people of Haiti."

After arriving in Fort Lauderdale the group took a shuttle to Orlando.

They are expected to fly into Atlanta around noon where Pastor Ennis says they will pick them up.

All 31 should be back in Trussville by mid-afternoon on Tuesday.


Original story:

When you drive up to Faith Community Fellowship Church in Trussville, a trail of banners that read "welcome home" lead you to the main doors of the church. The Faith Community Fellowship Church family can not wait to welcome home the 31 students who are on a mission trip in Haiti.

The pastor of the Springville campus, Mike Ennis said the student mission team left last Saturday to work in Haiti with the group "Mission of Hope," which Ennis called a viable organization. The students were supposed to arrive home Saturday evening, but Ennis learned this morning that the students were stranded today due to civil unrest regarding a fuel price hike.

"We have been working with them all day, in communication with them all day," Ennis said. "They are very safe. They have plenty of supplies. I have been speaking with the organization along with our team leaders, and we are really proud of them. They are a great group of students and a great group of leaders. We have never been concerned about them. They are solid students. We are really thrilled they are in a safe place, and that is why we have been communicating with them and making sure all the needs they have are met and taking every precaution we can take to make sure that we not only get them home, but we get them home safely."

Ennis said they hope to have the students home on Sunday, and they are hoping to get additional information regarding the airline situation as soon as it is made available to them. He added that this trip will provide the students another tremendous life lesson.

Life is full of uncertainties," Ennis said. "You are never sure of anything that is going to happen whether you are here, overseas or anywhere in the world. I think it is a great opportunity for our students to see that when life takes a different turn than you expect, there is still a God that cares. There is still a God more than capable of meeting every need, and as long as we are walking with him, we will walk in his blessing and favor."

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