Lottery means less business for some Alabama gas stations

Lottery means less business for some Alabama gas stations

While Alabamians are driving across state lines for the lottery, some gas stations are feeling the consequences.

"They're getting all of our money that we should be getting," said Amy Payne, a Chevron employee.

Payne told ABC 33/40 a lot of people are going to Georgia gas stations for a ticket, but that also means they're doing business in another state. Leann Smith, also a Chevron employee, said she agrees. While Smith made the trip East for a ticket herself, she said Alabama not having a lottery hurts local businesses.

"It's taking money away from us," she said. " So if we get the lottery here then they could buy their tickets, buy their snacks , buy their gas, drinks all in one stop. And it would benefit us a lot."

Smith continued to say that a lottery in Alabama would help with education and the stores which sell you tickets.

"It would help out a lot, especially small businesses," she said.

Alabama State Rep. Mack Butler, of Rainbow City, said he has heard those concerns before. He said his constituents are traveling for a ticket, when they could buy locally instead. .

"People are going to our border states and those dollars are leaving , so if we could keep those dollars here it will be beneficial to the people of Alabama," he said.

According to Rep. Butler, the people should be able to vote on a state lottery. He said the topic will be front and center this legislative session.

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