Hoover's annual Freedom Fest cancelled because 'cash flow is down,' mayor says

People in stands at Hoover Freedom Fest

In an email from Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato, to city council members, he outlines the cancellation of one of the city's biggest annual events: Freedom Fest.

Mayor Brocato says the cancellation of the city's 4th of July celebration is a symptom of the "Amazon effect."

"We've had to look at our budget because of that, because our cash flow is down," said Mayor Brocato.

If you haven't already noticed, a few changes are coming to Hoover.

Toys "R" Us shutting its doors is one of the recent hits to the city.

Mayor Brocato says revenue coming in just isn't where it used to be or needs to be.

"As mayor and council, we're put in this job to watch the dollars to make sure their spent properly, and that's what we do," said Mayor Brocato.

So when it comes to saving money, events like Freedom Fest, which costs the city nearly $100,000, are no longer priority.

"There are more things that are more important than Freedom Fest, said Mayor Brocato.

School resource officers, firefighters and librarians are among the top at Mayor Brocato's list.

"Sometimes you have to make some cuts that aren't popular," said Mayor Brocato.

So if you're thinking back to the sights and sounds of Freedom Fest at the Hoover Met, upset it's not coming back, read what the mayor had to say and remember: freedom isn't free.

"We know that we have some budget issues. We're going to present a plan to our council, everything is on the board. We're going to look at everything. And I've said this always, before you ever start talking about taxes you've gotta make sure your house is in order first," said Mayor Brocato.

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