Many people will have Solar Eclipse parties; Samford Planetarium says leave town

Solar Eclipse parties will be held around Birmingham and Jefferson County on August 21st.

People around the Birmingham Area are planning solar eclipse parties. Some will hold theirs in their home.

Several libraries in Jefferson county will be urging people to experience the eclipse with folks in their community. The Gardendale Public Library is one of them. Erin Lightsey is a librarian for Garden's Public who said it is a chance to hold an event that embodies what libraries are really for to the community. Lightsey told ABC 33/40 NEWS, "We consider ourselves a community center. So it's a way to engage the entire community in something that we feel is pretty special."

In contrast, the Samford University Planetarium said you need to leave town and head to Nashville for the best experience. David Weigel is the Planetarium Director who advised to leave and head for Tennesse. Weigel told ABC 33/40, "This is worth skipping work or school for, with permission of course. Maybe take your boss or your teacher or whoever with you but certainly it is the event of a lifetime."

The Samford Planetarium will hold two sessions tonight: one at 7 P.M. and the other at 8 P.M. to explain what exactly will happen during the solar eclipse. Another session will be held on August 17th.

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