Meet the musician behind Denny Chimes' music on the University of Alabama campus

Meet the musician behind Denny Chimes' music on the University of Alabama campus

It is not uncommon to recognize a song playing from Denny Chimes on game day in Tuscaloosa.

What many don't realize is the game day songs are played live.

Tyler Canonico is a graduate student pursuing his doctorate in organ performance.

On game day Saturdays he can be found on the organ bench inside Denny Chimes.

“I think my favorite part about Denny Chimes is interacting with the people, current students as well as previous students, who come up and share their stories with me,” UA graduate student, Tyler Canonico, said.

Canonico did not attend the university with the dreams of playing Denny Chimes but with help from a professor, he said, it was a perfect match.

“There were enough returning accompanists, they didn't have a slot for me, and then Dr. Freese was like, wait a second, Denny Chimes had opened up and she decided to have me play Denny Chimes and I've loved doing it ever since,” Canonico said.

Starting three hours before each Crimson Tide home-game kickoff, Canonico plays a medley of songs on the chimes.

“I give a 30 minute recital, here on the chimes, and I try to pick music that relates to everyone, between hymns, patriot music, pop music from different times songs that people know, actually they sing along or come running up,” Canonico said.

Canonico has been playing the chimes for the past three years.

He plans to continue to play as a graduate student.

He also plays the chimes for memorial services and other special events.

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