Members of Hoover community react to Attorney General's report

    Members of Hoover community react to Attorney General's report (WBMA)

    Tuesday, several members of the Hoover community spoke on how they feel about the Alabama Attorney General’s report finding a Hoover police officer justified and not criminal in shooting 21 year-old E.J. Bradford at the Riverchase Galleria Thanksgiving night.

    Many have varying feelings, some are hurt, some understand, but what several agree on: the incident and decision will largely impact the community for a long time.

    It was a night much of the community will never forget... A life was lost, many other lives were changed, and it still stings.

    “I think the entire community felt wounded by the entire incident and the way that it was handled,” says Chase Mcgriff, a Hoover resident.

    More than 70 days have gone by, and the attorney general has justified the shooting of E.J. Bradford. Some understand where he's coming from.

    “I do believe that the officer is justified in protecting the community around the individuals that were involved,” says Mcgriff.

    Not all understand though, and in fact disagree.

    “At this day and time, I think we need to reconsider if that’s really justice in America,” says Jamon Stinson, who also lives in Hoover.

    While there are different opinions on the AG’s decision, many say there was a lot to process.

    “I think a lot of hasty decisions were made on both sides of the fence. We think you were wrong, you think we were wrong, but an investigation did not happen before people were passing judgement,” says Mcgriff.

    Hoover City Council President Gene Smith spoke out in support of the police officer Tuesday, no matter what he decides to do.

    “He may want to move to another division, he might want to become a school resource officer, he may want to become an investigator. There’s really no telling at this point, but that’s between he and the chief,” says Smith.

    Smith was the only person associated with the City of Hoover who spoke Tuesday. The city plans to release a statement on Wednesday in response to the report.

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