More people at risk with new blood pressure guidelines

New blood pressure guidelines could put many more people at risk.

Tens of millions more Americans are considered at risk after the release of new guidelines that measure when high blood pressure should be treated.

High blood pressure should now be treated at 130/80 rather than 140/90. That means many patients who doctors previously would have considered OK, will now likely be encouraged to get their blood pressure to 120.

With the new stricter blood pressure guidelines, It's likely more people will be put on prescription drugs. But there are several lifestyle changes that can be made instead of taking a new drug.

"We are hoping if we catch patients sooner we can get them on the right track. if they can improve their lifestyle they can get away with just that instead of adding more medicine," Dr. Amr Moussa of Princeton Baptist Medical Center said.

Experts suggest several options to lower blood pressure including decreasing salt intake, eating more vegetables and meditating.
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