Mother of slain teen basketball star awaiting justice

Angela Merriweather waits for the day her son's murder suspect is found.

Tuscaloosa Police say they have a suspect in the shooting death of 18-year-old Jalen Merriweather, but haven’t found him yet.

Police say the suspects name is Donald Robertson, and he’s believed to still be armed and dangerous.

The manhunt continues while mother Angela Merriweather waits for the day her son's murderer is brought to justice. Every day she lives in agony.

But Tuesday night, there was some relief on the hardwood of Holt High Schools gym, when Jalen’s teammates presented his mother and father with his framed jersey.

“The boys all held me. I was trembling, they were trembling. You know it’s hard, my baby should be out there,” said Angela Merriweather.

But Jalen Merriweather wasn’t and won’t ever be on those courts again.

He has about a dozen brothers who were and will be playing in his honor.

As the minutes wound down and the points went up, Angela says she felt her son's presence on the court.

“I could just see him running up and down that court,” said Angela Merriweather.

Her son is living on in the memory of his teammates; his brothers played for more than themselves Tuesday night - they played for number four.

“Oh they told me, 'We’re gonna do this for you mamma.' I told them y’all gotta keep checking on me and they said ‘We’ll never forget you 'cause you know those hugs and things, I need them,” said Angela Merriweather.

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