Mural artist: 'This past week has shown how much Birmingham really loves these murals.'

The eyes that watch over 1st Avenue North; mural by Red Path Creative

Wednesday morning, Marcus Fetch's phone was lighting up constantly. It was people telling him they were sorry to hear that his works of art had been vandalized.

If you have ever been to Melt, you most likely have taken a picture with the famous angel wings. Those wings, the hot air balloon in Woodlawn and the set of eyes that watches 1st Avenue North are his and other artists' handywork. Tuesday night, they were vandalized.

Police are still looking for the person or persons responsible for vandalizing the work that was started almost two years ago. Fetch said when he first heard about the vandalism, he was distraught, but as time marched on, his spirits were uplifted by all the positive encouragement from the art lovers.

"We've always had some support in Birmingham, but the past week, hundreds of people have been so excited about the murals," Fetch said. "I didn't realize how important this stuff had become."

Fetch said he and other artists plan to touch up the vandalized murals and make them bigger and better than ever.

"It is kind of like a blessing in disguise, Fetch said." This tragedy that occurred turned into a really powerful movement-- everyone realizing how important public art can be for a city."

There will be a fundraiser at Melt Birmingham on Thursday at 5 p.m. The money raised will help restore the murals, and Fetch said if there is enough money left, it will go towards other mural projects in the city.

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