Changes coming with Cherokee County's EMS services


    One county is making changes to ensure people get help when they need it.

    Cherokee County's current ambulance service will end operations at the end of the month, but residents won't be left without help.

    "For some people it's 30, 40 minutes to get to the hospital here," Kristin Milner, a Cherokee County resident said.

    Milner says there is a need for ambulance services in the area.

    "This is a big, huge county. I mean, I live 30 minutes away from Centre," Milner explained. "So if I didn't have a car I would be in trouble if there wasn't an ambulance service."

    Milner says she's relieved to hear the county worked out a plan to bring in a new EMS service after Cherokee EMS announced it would no longer service the area.

    Cherokee EMS alerted the county in August that the last day of service would be September 30th. The county's Communications District chose to bid out the ambulance services.

    "After the evaluation process was done, Floyd EMS was awarded the bid," Shawn Rogers, EMA and 911 Director of Cherokee County said.

    We reached out to Cherokee EMS. They tell us they were discussing with Floyd EMS to create a partnership, but did not reach an agreement.

    "I'm glad that they're going to get the issue resolved or whatever, but I do think it's important," Milner said, "but not only that, people are losing their jobs and stuff."

    "I'm just hopeful and thankful that the process went as smooth as it did," Rogers said, "and hope that the citizens know that we chose the best and most responsive provider for the county."

    We're told locals shouldn't notice a change in service as Floyd EMS starts right after Cherokee EMS completes its agreement.

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