New charges filed against ex-Blount Co. administrator accused of videoing underage girl

Tim Clevenger faces new charges.

New charges have been field against a former Blount County Assistant Principal accused of sex crimes.

Tim Clevenger faces four new counts of child pornography after his initial arrest on similar charges in 2015. ABC 33/40 looked into the specific and how his aunt in Locust Fork felt about her nephew's fall from grace.

Clevenger will not be walking up these at the Blount County Courthouse steps this week but the Ex-Asst. Pincipal of Locust Fork High School is in hot water again for prior incidences pertaining to inappropriate behavior towards underage girls.

The Blount County District Clerk confirmed two new counts of Porn Production with a Minor and two counts of Porn Possession Materials.

Defense Attorney Bret King said the new charges are based in evidence seized from two and a half years ago that had been scheduled for trial this week.

If it sounds bad, imagine being his relative said Barbara Palmer. Palmer told ABC 33/40 on Wednesday afternoon, "I'm kind of in disbelief. It's heartbreaking, I don't want to believe it."

Clevenger is accused of videotaping a nude 14-year old girl through blinds covering a bathroom window before a shower. Images of these actions were found on his school computer.

"Makes you feel bad," said Clevenger. "I understand the parents of the kids it happened too. It would make me furious too."

But to hear he might be in more trouble, Palmer can hardly comprehend. "Because I have always known him and I wouldn't think he was that way. But you can't never tell, you really can't never tell," said Palmer.

The new charges will be presented to a Blount County District Court Grand Jury.

Clevenger's court date for this week was rescheduled due to unforeseen bad weather.

His attorney said a new date has not yet been set.

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