Oxford City Council approves new drone regulations

Oxford City Council approves new drone regulations

Drones now face specific restrictions in the City of Oxford.

"The ordinance was approved to allow our police to make sure that in large events the public is kept as safe as possible," said Chris Spurlin, an Oxford city councilman.

The new ordinance, now in effect, prohibits drones from flying over city-owned property.

"City hall, the police department, fire department and of course the parks and recreation areas," said Spurlin.

Spurlin told ABC 33/40 the main idea is to make sure the drones aren't flying over large crowds.

He calls it a safety issue, suggested by Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge.

"Large gatherings where a good many people are concentrated in one area," he said. " Because of the possible threat of injury by a drone and we don't want that over large events."

The FAA already regulates drones, including prohibiting drones from flying over groups of people.

This ordinance allows the city to handle that locally.

"It doesn't prohibit you from flying your drone at your house or on private property, it's just for municipal property," said Spurlin.

One can apply to the city's police chief for an exemption.

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