New gas app: Drivers can fill their tanks without touching pump

No more gas station visits. New app promises to deliver fuel and fill tank for you.

Sometimes the pain you feel at the pump isn’t as much about the cost of fuel, as it is the time spent at the gas station. Now, a new app aims to allow drivers to fill up without setting foot at the gas station. The new FuelFox app, launched by Birmingham attorney Ben Morris is set to come to Jefferson and Shelby Counties later this summer.

Some are saying it's a game changer: saving time and keeping them safe.

"It is the worst thing ever for a young lady to have to pump her own gas," says Tiffany Gardner. The elementary school teacher says she hates pumping gas. "It's just an extra chore to do on a daily or weekly basis."

After downloading the FuelFox app, users can create a profile with their car's color, license plate number, a picture of the vehicle. Credit card information can be stored in the app. While some are looking forward to the promised conveniences of the FuelFox app, others say they will stick to self-service.

"I don't think I wanna do that!" says retiree Johnny Ward, who's not a huge fan of technology.

According to FuelFox, the customer sets the time and location for the delivery. The workers will bring your gas, fill up the tank, place air in your tires, clean windows, and check for other needed service to your vehicle. There is no word yet on the cost associated.

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