Centre school principal responds to cold classroom concerns: 'We do have heat'

Parents of students at Centre Elementary took to social media to voice their concerns over cold classrooms.

After ABC 33/40 received several messages about a lack of heat in a Cherokee County elementary school, we went to get answers.

We visited Centre Elementary to check out complaints about cold classrooms sent to us through social media. ABC 33/40 spoke with the school's principal on the matter.

"We do want to assure everyone that we do have heat at Centre Elementary School," said Wes Neyman, Centre Elementary Principal.

Neyman says the nearly 90-year-old school building has been a challenge to keep warm through the cold spell to start the new year. He says the school even delayed classes twice to give the building time to heat up.

"We've been running heat throughout the night, keeping classroom doors closed. That allows our classrooms to stay warm when students come in the morning," said Neyman.

Students are constantly having to go in and out of the building all day to get to from one classroom to another, to the lunch room, the library, and the main office. He says that alone makes it difficult to keep the building heated.

"It was done that way because it was cost-effective," said Neyman.

At six o'clock, the Cherokee County School Board met to discuss the school's needs.

The principal says he believes the board will have a plan in place to address those needs within the next few months.

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