Superintendent: Children 'fine' after two JeffCo. school buses involved in collision

Two JeffCo. buses were involved in a collision shortly after school let out Monday. 

According to Jefferson County Superintendent Craig Pouncey, children involved in a collision between two school buses Monday afternoon are 'fine.'

Pouncey says the accident occurred shortly after school let out on Trussville Clay Road at Cougars Place in front of the Clay-Chalkville Middle School.

The buses involved were carrying high school and middle school students from Jefferson County schools.

The accident occurred after a bus driver slowed down once a fight broke out between two students in the back of the bus. A bus traveling behind this bus then ran into its rear.

Though none of the children had obvious injuries, four were transported to the hospital for monitoring, Pouncey says.

The scene has been cleared and a new bus has been sent to pick up the remaining children on the buses.

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