Northport homeowners meet plans for apartment complex with resistance


Plans for a new apartment complex for Northport in Tuscaloosa County are up in the air. Developers met with homeowners in a neighboring community to hear concerns and answer questions at a meeting Wednesday night.

"I think if you did a survey of the group here, last night, 90% of them were not in favor of the project," Clear Creek Colony Resident Louis Mcintosh said.

Mcintosh wants to know what developers' plans are for his backyard. It's a question he and dozens of his neighbors asked Lunsford Construction at a meeting.

"They did say they were under contract, which leads me to believe they've already made some promises about moving forward," Mcintosh said.

He worries an apartment complex will decrease the value of his home, as well as the neighborhood's privacy.

Homeowners worry the 94 units might become subsidized housing if there's not enough renters.

"That question did come up in the meeting," Northport City Administrator Bruce Higginbotham said, "The developer addressed it as that was not their plan, they plan to rent these apartments in the $1200 and up range."

City officials promised to find a balance between pleasing residents and developers. Mcintosh said only time will tell.

"People have said they don't want it [Northport] to be like other areas that get too populated and lose their identity," Mcintosh said, "We like this identity, and we'd like to keep that."

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