Man's illness linked to bird droppings

Stoney Sharp reports.

A spore from dry bird droppings made a Northport man sick.

Mike Dunn said doctors found spots in his lungs. Thinking it was cancer, physicians removed half of Dunn's lung.

Now, doctors tell the Northport man he has histoplasmosis.

The infection is caused by breathing in a spore from bird droppings in the soil.

Dunn shared his story exclusively with ABC 33/40 News to inform neighbors.

"It turned out to the histoplasmosis. They said it latched onto my lung because my lungs were weak," Dunn explained.

Dunn lives in the Chapel Hill area off Highway 43.

Chicken houses are nearby, but the farmer said no one has raised concerns.

The source of the infection is still unknown.

The Tuscaloosa County Health Department sees several cases each year. Health officials said histoplasmosis is not contagious.

To watch Mike Dunn's full story click on the video link above.

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