Old drug regaining popularity with Shelby Co. youth

"Rick and Morty" LSD tabs (abc3340.com)

Drug enforcement agents in Shelby County say they're seeing more and more juveniles trying illicit drugs.

One drug that is regaining popularity with the youth is LSD.

We asked Pelham resident and mother Tonya Kinion if she recognized a stash Pelham Police recently hauled in.

"Nope, not at all," said Kinion.

She's the mother of a freshman at Pelham High School this year and says she's already seen enough to believe just about anything.

"I can believe it, most things are recycling," said Kinion.

And it's making Captain Clay Hammac and others jobs at the Shelby County Sheriff's office more difficult.

"We have seen a rise in juveniles experimenting with illicit drugs such as LSD most specifically we have seen multiple LSD cases in the last 3 months involving juveniles," said Captain Hammac.

The most recent case was a juvenile was busted with Rick and Morty-printed LSD in Pelham, even though the teen was from outside the area. Rick and Morty is a popular cartoon with high school students.

"They're looking for a loyal client base and they're looking to advertise and market their product the best way they can," said Hammac.

"Sick people sit and think of sick things to do," said Kinion.

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