Oxford police say selling Kratom is now illegal in city

As of today most, if not all, Oxford convenience stores have pulled the substance Kratom from shelves. The Oxford Police Department ordered the removal of any Kratom products in the city.

"We're giving our stores time to remove the products from the stores," said Jason Webb, an investigator with the Oxford Police Department.

Stores have 24 hours until the sale of Kratom becomes illegal, according to official notices handed out across the city.

"I don't foresee any criminal charges coming... we handed those out and everybody was very receptive," said Webb.

Kratom grows naturally in Thailand, he continued to say, but is banned in most countries. Webb told ABC 33/40 concerned citizens led to the changes here.

"Two or three a day, sometimes it's two or three a week, but I do get complaints on a regular basis," he said.

The change in Oxford is possible because Kratom falls under the category of Spice and Bath Salts, according to the investigator.

"It does affect the opioid receptors in the brain so it is mimicking a schedule 1 or schedule 2 drug, so that's the way we're looking at it," he said.

He continued that all but two stores in Oxford had Kratom products.

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