Parrish mayor threatens legal action over Big Sky bio waste

Trains passing through Parrish (

The mayor of Parrish said the town will seek a public nuisance injunction if Big Sky Environmental tries to operate without a business license. The comment by Mayor Heather Hall was made as the deadline drew closer for the company to remove all bio waste from the town.

"We're prepared for the eventuality that they may try and my understanding is that they will try."

In February, the Parrish town council denied the company's business license application and gave it three weeks to remove all bio waste from the Norfolk Southern line which runs within town limits. The waste containers from New York began to pile up in Parrish while the company fought a legal battle against the town of West Jefferson. An injunction now prevents the bio solid from being transported into West Jefferson.

Hall estimates roughly half of the bio waste containers have since been removed. Big Sky representatives promised Parrish it residents it would vacumn the waste on the top of the containers to help reduce the smell of the waste which has been sitting there for more than a month.

Parrish resident Ray Madison said it had been difficult to go outside but that the smell has improved since Big Sky began treating the waste and removing containers.

"It's a horrible smell all day when it was there. So right now I can definitely tell a difference by being out here."

Hall said she doesn't expect the town to waiver on its decision.

"I still don't want it here. As nice as they are, they could be the sweetest people, they can bring apple pie, whatever, it doesn't matter to me. We don't want it here. It just needs to be gone."

Hall insists legal action could also be sought if the company does not remove all bio-solid waste by the March 21st deadline.

"If it is over you're not going to find anyone happier than myself but I just want to make sure that it's over. I don't want to celebrate before it's over."

Big Sky Environmental declined ABC 33/40's request for comment.

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