Former Gadsden Mall employees share stories, concerns about Roy Moore

Pictured: Gadsden Mall

Allegations are surfacing about Roy Moore’s conduct at the Gadsden Mall while he was in his early 30’s working at the Etowah County district attorney’s office.

Several people who worked at the Gadsden Mall during that time frame tell ABC 33/40 they remember Moore.

Janet Reeves, tells ABC 33/40 she began working at the mall in 1978. She had several jobs there including, working at Orange Julius.

“We knew, that Roy was, we considered him as teenagers the creepy old man that roamed the mall, trying to talk to the young girls,” Reeves remembered. “He kind of stood out from everyone else because we was always wearing dress clothes, dress slacks, a button down shirt, nice shoes.”

We asked Reeves if she was concerned at the time.

“In the culture in that time, in those ages, we just kept quiet about those things,” said Reeves. ”And he was the district attorney.”

Reeves now lives in Florida, where she says she is a registered Republican. She says she sometimes votes for Democrats and considers herself in the middle.

We also spoke with Greg Legat, who says he worked at the Gadsden Mall in 1981 at the Record Bar.

Legat told ABC 33/40 one day he was talking with his store manager and mall security about thieves and people who had been banned from the mall.

Legat recalled someone asking, “What about Roy Moore?”

Legat remembered responding, "Why would Roy Moore be banned?"

He says security told him, “If you see him, we'll take care of it.”

This is the same mall where Wendy Miller told the Washington Post she was 14 and working as a Santa's helper when Moore first approached her.

Miller told the Washington Post she was 16 when Moore asked her on dates, which her mother didn't allow.

Moore’s campaign has not immediately responded to a request for comment for this story.

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