Dogs dead after eating doctored meat; neighborhood wants answers

Several dogs in one Coosa County neighborhood died after eating doctored meat that had been placed in their yards.

If you happen to live in Coosa County in the Mt. Moriah community and see a Ziploc bag containing meat that has a powdery substance on it, do not pick it up. Instead, call 911.

These bags that have been found in people's yards are at the center of a Coosa County Sheriff's Office investigation. Deputies told ABC 33/40 that they have received a few calls about the substance and animals being killed from it. A bag of the substance is being processed now, and the sheriff's office said they are in the early stages of their investigation.

Kristan Steen said on Monday afternoon, her landlord called her asking if her dogs were OK. When Steen got home later that night, she was told that one of her dogs was dead on the side of the road, and she found her other two dogs dead later that night. The bag with the bloody meat and powder was not too far from the dogs.

"It's cruel," Steen said. "There is no sense in it. They aren't in their right mind. I don't see how they could do something like this."

We also spoke with another resident whose animals suffered from the contents of the bag. She said she found her yellow lab dead in her yard on Monday as well. She decided to look for some clues in her yard and found a gallon freezer bag near her flower bed with the contents in it but said her dog did not open the bag.

According to the neighbor, all of the dogs living within half a mile from their house also died after getting into similar bags found in their yards.

Steen told ABC 33/40 that sheriff's deputies told her the powder substance could possibly be Temik, which can be used to ward off coyotes, but the bag is being analyzed.

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