Free flower-picking gardens to transform abandoned properties

Citizen-led effort to transform abandoned Birmingham properties into flower gardens

Pick a flower, any flower. Birmingham's Department of Good Works is making that happen for you, for free! On June 9th, members are heading to four abandoned properties around the city and transforming them into 500 sq ft flower gardens. Residents can then pick flowers from the gardens for their homes, spouse, friends, etc. free of charge.

The Department of Good Works is not an official entity of the City of Birmingham. It is a citizen-led effort to do good in the community.

"We take life so seriously, says co-founder Max Rykov. "We don't allow for silliness and spontaneity and absurdity. And, that's the stuff that makes life worth living I think. It brings humor out into the world, and it builds community."

The four separate "Pick What You Like" Community Flower Gardens will be in the following locations:

  • North: 1308 20th Street North
  • East: Near WC Patton Park
  • West: Near McAlpine Park, 708 12th Street Ensley
  • South: Behind Walli's Market

This is the first project by the Department of Good Works. All projects are funded by group members, who chip in at least ten dollars every three months. For more information, or to join the Department of Good Works, visit them on Facebook at

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