Plan to extend Chief Ladiga Trail into downtown Anniston

Plan to extend Chief Ladiga Trail into downtown Anniston

The Chief Ladiga Trail is currently 33 miles long, but a plan by the City of Anniston will extend it along old rail tracks into downtown Anniston.

"It would connect the trail to another community that also is in need of exercise and getting out and enjoying a bicycle path like this," said Pete Conroy, chair of the Chief Ladiga Rails to Trails Recreation Committee.

The plan is for the trail to end in front of the Amtrak station on 4th Street. Conroy told ABC 33/40 that makes sense, especially when dealing with visitors from out of town.

"In time we'll have it set up so that you can put your bicycle on the train and relax on a comfortable Amtrak seat on your way home," he said.

For trail users, like members of the Northeast Alabama Bicycle Association, the extension is a plus.

"It's something that's long overdue," said president Tom Nelson. "It needs to come into town , it's just going to open up so many things for our area."

According to Nelson, some bicyclists have expressed concern about safety and extending the trail into downtown, but he said he sees more pros than cons.

"It's been shown over and over again when you invest in a neighborhood you bring that neighborhood up," he said.

Conroy continued to say that as with anything new, people will have questions and concerns. But from similar past projects, he expects success with this one.

A public meeting on the Chief Ladiga extension is scheduled for Tuesday February 23 at 6 p.m. at the Anniston City Meeting Center.

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