Police chief: Storm-related fatality in Lineville


    Lineville Police Chief Shane Dunnagan confirms a fatality related to the storms that swept through East Alabama and Birmingham on Thursday.

    Lineville police say a 29-year-old driver died in a storm related crash Thursday afternoon.

    Police say the driver was on Martha Street and his vehicle collided with a fallen tree.

    Neighbors say they found the car over there in their front yard.

    Police say the 29-year-old Jarvis Woodruff was the only one in the car.

    The neighbors are still in shock. One man, who told me he worked with the driver who died, described him as a good man, who always supported his family.

    “I don’t understand how this man can just get out of work with me and a couple more guys and just come home and have a wreck like that man,” said Mark McKinney. “It’s an act of natureThe man would give you the shirt off his back. He didn’t bother nobody.”

    The neighbor who lives in the house where the car landed says he plans to put a memorial in his yard.

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