Police investigate shooting on I-59 near Airport Highway

New details now about the random shots fired Saturday on I-59 at Airport Highway. We now know the man wounded in the gunfire is Marcus Mauldin. The family tells me he and his wife were leaving a tournament. She says she remembers her husband slamming on brakes. When traffic started picking up, she bent down to pick something up and that's when she heard what sounded like an explosion.

"She come up and she said there was blood all over her and she looked over at Marcus and she could see the bullet fragment in his head," said Shannon Stokes, Mauldin's aunt.

In total shock, his wife Dakoda Mauldin, was able to put the car in park and immediately call out for help.

"Cars are going by and nobody stopping," said Stokes.

Stokes says an ambulance in route to a non emergency stopped and called for help.

"With his injury, he was concerned about Dakoda and others safety," said Stokes.

Police say they received reports about a person in a dark vehicle randomly shooting on I-59 Saturday afternoon. Police say gunfire hit two vehicles.

Mauldin has two young daughters who almost went with him to pick up his wife. But at the last minute he decided to let them stay with their grandma. A decision stokes says was made by the grace of God.

"Give all the glory to our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ because we know that his hand was on Marcus and Dakoda," said Stokes.

The next three-to-five days will be crucial in Mauldin's recovery. Family members say he's responding a little and was able to mouth "I love you!"

Police say if you have any information about the shooting or the gunman they want to hear from you.

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