Neighbor saves dog from house fire sparked by lightning

Seth Quick ran into his neighbors house to put the flames out and save their dog, Molly. A cat which was also in the house did not survive. (Stephen Quinn |

Seth Quick was sitting inside his Kimberly home Saturday when he heard and felt a lightning strike that hit close to home.

"I was just sitting inside and had my phone charging in my pocket or beside my leg and I heard a loud boom and knew the lightning hit close and I felt it hit my leg and it shocked me."

What he didn't realize was that it ignited a fire in his neighbor's house on Doss Ferry Lane. Quick ran inside after being alerted by another neighbor about what happened. He said he tried to put the fire out with a bowl filled with water. It didn't work.

"I was literally just thinking about them and their things and trying to put the fire out. That was the only thought going through my mind."

The homeowners were not at the house when the fire started, but their dog, Molly and a cat were. Quick was eventually able to rescue Molly but the cat did not survive,

"I tried to open the kennel because I didn't really want to carry it. I went and opened that. She wouldn't come to me so I just snapped it back closed and ran out."

Firefighters were called to the scene at 1:13 p.m. Smoke from the flames was visible for miles by the time crews arrived on the scene. Firefighters tried to enter the house but were forced back outside when it became clear the roof could collapse.

"It's just the power of that lightning strike. I mean that's high voltage and it's devastating when it hits something," said Morris Fire & Rescue Chief Bryan Schaffer.

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