Homewood paving project is right 'on track'

Historical trolley tracks uncovered during roadwork in Homewood (Birmingham News)

Homewood's Broadway Street paving project started off any like normal job. But while workers were prepping the street for paving, they stumbled upon the fast track to history.

They found the original Homewood Trolley Line tracks and bricks, which dates back to the 1910s.

Workers stopped right away as soon as they made the discovery and went to Homewood Mayor Scott McBrayer with what they found. Councilwoman Barry Smith said many residents wanted to preserve the tracks, so the city went to the paving contractor and tasked them with finding an expert so the city knew what they could do.

After discussions, the city found a way to preserve some of the tracks and bricks. Smith says at the moment, the city is planning to preserve at least 40 feet of the tracks. She added that the tracks will serve as a nice gateway into the city.

"The fact [is] that we have this incredible piece of the past... children who live here now did not even know this existed," Smith said. "For parents to be able to share this with their kids and for people who grew up here and knew about it, to be able to see it again, I think it is a special thing for the whole community."

Work on the rest of Broadway Street is expected to start next week.

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